Keeping DPM in Prayer

June 25th - July 1st


June 25—Israel
  • Many Israelis prefer both the Hebrew and English apps to compare the two languages. Pray for final work on the English app to be completed successfully. Derek’s materials that are available worldwide to the Jewish people are becoming more priceless each day!
  • Pray for God’s protection and sovereignty over Israel in light of the growing threat of chemical weapons being used in Syria.

June 26—Malaysia
  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance for Directors Liman and Marcel. Liman needs more opportunities to distribute and sell the DPM book stock on hand. Marcel is working on promoting the ministry, including the use of electronic media.

June 27—China
  • The China team rejoices in the Lord’s sovereignty! One of Derek’s books, published in a Chinese community outside China, was quite severely attacked by a believer through two articles written for a well-read Christian newspaper. The result was that book sales increased drastically because of the publicity. Pray for many more such sovereign actions that would bring awareness of Derek’s material to Chinese-speaking believers.

Praise & Thanksgiving:
  • We were able to print 150,000 books in China in April and May that will be distributed from three different centers to believers across China. These books are three of Derek’s most significant titles: Declaring God’s Word, the Foundation Series, and Life-Changing Spiritual Power.
  • Two of the China team spent time inside China researching the impact of Derek’s materials. We are very grateful for the Lord’s help and are aware of how much more there is to do!

June 28—Philippines
  • Pastor Rey wants to introduce and sell Derek’s books in two major cities. Pray for wisdom and guidance for him and that his enthusiasm about DPM will spread to other believers.
  • Director John Cochrane has given away many copies of The Divine Exchange and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. One church is providing these books for their youth. Pray that all those who receive this teaching will be set free.

Praise & Thanksgiving:
  • Two years ago, I led more than 700 police to the Lord. Now, our Provincial Commander wants Bible study material, so I gave them 700 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course in Tagalog.
  • The Philippine’s National Police will distribute 2,000 copies of the book The Divine Exchange!  
  • I attended a large pastors’ meeting in March and also visited pastors and two Bible schools.
  • The Philippines website and Facebook page are now active! Go to:

June 29—Netherlands
  • The new book, Tearing Down Strongholds, has just been released. Pray for good sales and for those who read it to apply this teaching in spiritual warfare for the nation and see its impact.
  • The current daily devotional emails based on Declaring God’s Word are having a wonderful response. Pray for increasing numbers of believers to receive these and be encouraged.

Praise & Thanksgiving:
  • Our work is going well, and many new people have come on board who are discovering and ordering Derek’s books. They are fervent in wanting to grow spiritually.
  • We received some touching testimonies from people who took seriously the fear of the Lord and repented as a result of the online course based on “Take Heed That You Are Not Deceived.”
  • We are about to release the second new book this year. Be Perfect, But How?

June 30—Slovakia
  • Derek’s Teaching Letters are now being sent to three growing gypsy churches. Pray for these believers to be equipped and anointed for ministry and examples of God’s transforming power.
  • Pray for successful completion of new books in progress and for volunteers to help with translation and proofreading.

July 01—International
  • Pray today (and for each nation as you come to it) for the DPM directors or coordinators, staff and outreach workers to walk in God’s blessings—good health, strength, favor, wisdom, provision, anointing and protection—in their personal lives and ministry responsibilities.

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