Today With Derek Prince: Archives

On a handful of stations in 1979 Derek Prince launched his daily radio Bible teaching program Today with Derek Prince. His sole purpose was to teach the Word of God in a way that anyone could understand and apply to their walk with Jesus Christ. Now, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of Derek’s radio ministry we are making available for the first time in more than a decade the original broadcasts of Today with Derek Prince exclusively at

Today with Derek Prince programs will continue to be added to the archives on a regular basis so be sure to check back here periodically for new content.

The Key to a Successful Marriage

Relationship with God

Relationship with God's People


What God's Word Will Do For You (Week 1)

What God's Word Will Do For You (Week 2)

Gifts of the Spirit (Week 1)

Gifts of the Spirit (Week 2)

Fruits of the Spirit (Week 1)

Fruits of the Spirit (Week 2)

Restoration - General

Restoration - Church

Restoration - Israel (NEW!)

How to Find God's Plan for Your Life (NEW!)