Impacting lives in eastern Europe

Planting seeds of spiritual growth in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia

Map of eastern Europe

Brano Cekan and his co-worker Eduard, responsible for DPM in Slovakia, were often asked by their friends: “When are you going to make available to us some good Christian books? We have been Christians for 10 years now, and all the time we’ve been living on milk. We need solid food!”

In Spring 2005, after three hard working years of translation, proof-reading and preparation 10 new Slovakian translations of Derek’s books came off the press! The translation and printing of these books was made possible because of the generosity of people like you who have supported DPM over the years.

BrunoBrano explained to us, “We’ve been longing for this moment! Derek’s teaching is like a treasure to the Body of Christ in my homeland! Take Derek’s book, Atonement - Your Appointment with God, for example. I believe this is a special jewel in this treasure for it has the potential to make a tremendous impact in the Catholic Church, to which most of our five million people belong. And we will ensure that it gets in the hands of Catholic Christians to bring them closer to Christ!”

Another new book, Husbands and Fathers, is also likely to touch many lives in Slovakia where divorce destroys tens of thousands of marriages each year and leaves many children without a sense of identity.

“I know what I am talking about,” says Brano, “I grew up in a broken family. My childhood experiences had a deep impact on my life and contributed to my potentially destructive lifestyle. But thanks to God, I was saved 12 years ago and I do understand people’s desire for ‘solid spiritual food.’  When I became a Christian my first study guide next to my Bible was the Foundation Series in the Czech language. It helped me find forgiveness, healing and deliverance and above all to grow in my new found faith in Christ. Now my heart’s desire is to make resources like these available to Christians in my country so they can enjoy them.”

At present the translation and printing of The Marriage Covenant and God Is a Matchmaker are in progress, since biblically based teachings on relationships and family life are much needed
in churches and in the wider society. Also They Shall Expel Demons and Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose! are ready for print, but we are prayerfully waiting for God’s timing to publish these books.

Czech Republic
Last year, over 1,000 copies of Appointment in Jerusalem were distributed in the Czech Republic. This book was received very well especially by church leaders, creating a demand for knowing how DPM can help believers there. In response to this growing demand Daniel Skokan, our representative, has just released the booklet, Pages From My Life’s Book, and is now preparing the translation of Foundations for Righteous Living.

New opportunities have come our way in this small nation, where our leader Bostjan Cerk has found open doors into the Catholic Church. This is no less than a miracle, when one considers how closed some traditional Catholic churches and bookshops are to ideas and materials that focus on the teaching about the Holy Spirit. Derek’s book, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose!, has, by Slovenian standards, become a bestseller in many Catholic bookstores!

Preparations are also underway for the printing of five other books including Fatherhood and Fasting and Who Cares for Widows, Orphans, Poor and the Oppressed. 

Offering relevant and easily accessible discipleship teaching to young people in Romania

EE workersRomania
Young people in Romania have had access to fourteen of Derek’s books in up-to-date language and contemporary formats thanks to Fanel and Monica Serban’s efforts and your financial support. 

Commenting on the impact the resources are making amongst young leaders and believers of different denominations Fanel says - “We have received many thank you letters and appreciation from young people. They like the new books especially God is a Matchmaker, Husbands & Fathers, and The Marriage Covenant. Many of them are grappling with family issues and find Derek’s teaching very helpful and inspiring.

However, there is so much more we can do to encourage and equip young people to read the Bible and be grounded in God’s Word. That is why we are currently working to translate and print Foundations for Righteous Living, which will be a vital tool for many leaders and individuals in our country.”

Resourcing newly planted churches with foundational Bible teaching in Croatia and Macedonia

A revision and reprint of the Self-Study Bible Course for newly planted churches is being prepared by Miki Jonke in Croatia as well as a translation of the video biography, The Man Behind the Ministry.
Miki states, “So many of Derek’s deep lessons of life about obedience, yielding, God’s plan for Israel, God’s provision, and the power of His Word are captured in this video. I believe many will benefit from watching this video and begin to understand who God is and what His word means to us.”

In this former Yugoslavian republic, Anita Cvetanovska is extending the impact of DPM, supported by her pastor, Sasha Vuletic. The born-again believers in this country number fewer than 2,000 in a total population of two million! Derek’s teaching (especially the Self-Study Bible Course) has helped greatly to equip and mature the Body of Christ here.

Anita tells us, “In a situation like ours where the Body of Christ, is enduring much opposition, Christians can be easily lured into negative and careless speech. We feel the need to educate people in this area and Christians to witness to others by the way we speak as well as how we behave.” Two new books: Spiritual Warfare and Does Your Tongue Need Healing? were released last year to help Christians understand and address such issues.

Equipping Christians to stand firm on the truths of the Cross in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria the Gospel has spread rapidly since the Iron Curtain fell. In this vast and mainly agrarian country, born-again Christians number about 40,000 in a population of seven million. Needless to say, a lot of work still needs to be done in these ‘white harvest fields’.

In May 2005, we held our second conference in the capital, Sofia. Over 300 participants from all over Bulgaria were equipped, delivered from demonic oppression and healed in the name of Jesus! The impact of this event exceeded the one held last year—in lives and hearts touched, in book sales, the breadth of teaching topics and testimonies.

“I am just overjoyed!” says Iskra Nacheva, our DPM representative there. Since the conference she has seen a significant increase in the demand for Derek’s teaching.

“Recently, new doors have opened for Derek’s translated radio messages. We have a weekly hour long programme on a radio station with coverage in eight main cities!”

To date 37 of Derek Prince’s books have been printed in Bulgaria making a significant contribution to the teaching and equipping of believers in this country. His book, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose!, for example, is very popular, with over 12,000 copies sold and distributed.

Another book that’s been very strategic is True or False Christ (based on Derek’s teaching tapes). “Christians in our country, says Iskra - are becoming increasingly aware of the destructive influence of liberal theology found in traditional churches. Some believers are easily deceived by cunning words of those who are trying to lure them to abandon the plain truth of the Cross. I am so grateful for the role God has given DPM in equipping Christians here to stand firm on the truths of the Bible and hold the Cross of Christ at the centre of our faith.”

An invitation to invest in equipping believers and church leaders across Eastern Europe.
Along with Iskra, Brano, Fanel, Anita and the others who have shared here, we shout “Thank You!” to the Lord, and also to you for your valuable contribution in making Derek’s teaching resources available to Christians in Eastern Europe.

And on behalf of millions who desperately need ‘solid biblical food’ — be it through Foundations for Righteous Living, the book Fatherhood for a fatherless generation in Slovakia or teaching on the Cross to counter the tide of modern theology in Bulgaria —  I am asking for your help.

DPM Director, Eastern Europe