Spiritual hunger is a problem we
can do something about!

ValeriWe need you…

And once you find out what God is doing through DPM’s Outreach to strengthen churches across the former Soviet Union, I hope you will say you want to join in through your financial gifts and prayers!

My message is simple. Thousands of pastors and lay leaders today need your financial support in order to be equipped with deeper insights from God’s Word through Derek Prince’s materials so that they can minister to their congregations and reach out to the hurt, the broken and the lost. Through this Outreach Report I am inviting you to play a vital role in feeding the spiritually hungry Christians in our region. 

Here is why. Because you already appreciate the value of Derek’s teaching and because you want to see God’s church grow around the world, we are inviting you to partner with us for continuing to make DPM’s resources available to Christians in Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and elsewhere. This will mean that church leaders and believers will learn how to apply God’s truth in their lives, be set free from spiritual bondage and impact their nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ! 

Together we are bringing truth to life through DPM’s resources to thousands of Christians in the nations of the former Soviet Union

worshipSince 1990, millions of Christians from Latvia to Siberia have benefited from Derek Prince’s teaching. They have experienced God’s transforming power and received His blessings through reading Derek’s books or listening to radio broadcasts and tapes in their native languages.

Amongst our most sought after resources are: Foundation Series Bible study course and Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose! To date we have printed and distributed in 15 different languages over half a million copies of Blessing or Curse and over 200,000 of Foundation Series. In Russia alone we respond to over 5,000 requests for  Foundation Series every year!

Today, hundreds of pastors across the region are using Foundation Series Bible study course as a key tool for teaching their members to go deeper into the Word of God. And many of these churches are growing stronger and bigger amidst rising persecution and economic struggles. 

A few weeks ago I spoke to pastor Vassily who leads a church of 8,000 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan who expressed his heartfelt gratitude for having Derek’s materials in the Kyrgyz language. “Almost everything I teach my people on Sundays – he said – I have learnt from reading Derek Prince’s books and listening to his tapes. My church has grown the way it has because of Derek’s teaching.”

And pastor Vassily is not alone in acknowledging the impact that Derek’s clear and biblically sound teaching has had on his ministry. Many other leaders I meet at our conferences often attribute the growth of their churches to the influence Derek Prince’s teaching has had on them.

Here are but just a few testimonies randomly selected from thousands of letters we receive annually at our DPM Outreach office in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

“Thank you for making Derek Prince’s books available to us. We have been studying many of them for a long time now. They have been such high quality spiritual food for us and also answered many questions about relating our faith to everyday life, to economic struggles and raising a family. We are very grateful for such jewels of Bible knowledge.”
Chernikovui family, Tereshkovichi, Belarus

“I have been a believer for three years now and sometime ago I read Derek’s book about ‘expelling demons’. I am very grateful for such deep and clear thinking on this subject. Many people have come to my church after being involved in occult and this book is just the tool we need to help them dispel spiritual darkness. Thank you.”
Vesnina I., Novoaltaisk

These testimonies keep us focused on serving our brothers and sisters in Christ.  As a friend and supporter of DPM – I hope such testimonies will encourage you too – for such spiritual growth would have not happened without your strategic partnership in prayer and financial gifts.

Together we are equipping Christian leaders for ministry and service

disciplingAfter the fall of the Iron Curtain DPM was one of the first Christian organisations to hold teaching conferences in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Each year thousands of pastors and lay leaders come to these events, some travel for several days in order to attend.

The impact of these conferences cannot be overstated. They provide hundreds of church leaders - especially those ministering in small churches and remote areas - with the only opportunity to be equipped with sound biblical teaching and to receive a fresh anointing of the Holy Sprit through times of prayer, worship and fellowship. Many leaders who attend our conferences return to their churches with a fresh provision of anointing to pass on to their congregations and bless them too! 

Last year alone I hosted five such conferences in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Over 750 people attended two conferences in Ukraine and more than 900 people attended three conferences in Kazakhstan. Our main focus was on how to build healthy and balanced churches based on the fivefold ministry and how to reach out to people with the Gospel. And, of course, extracts from Derek’s audio series on the fivefold ministry, true and false church and the fulfilment of the Great Commission were an integral part of the programme.

These events offer excellent opportunities for introducing many pastors and lay leaders to Derek’s teaching and for equipping them with life-transforming and down-to-earth biblical teaching on key topics. That is why we offer to each leader a pack of useful teaching resources including books like: Faith to Live By, Atonement, Blessing or Curse, Husbands and Fathers and audio tapes to strengthen their ministry.

Once again, the generosity of partners like you has enabled us to seize opportunities for holding DPM conferences, to offer free resource packs to pastors of small churches and to subsidise the travel and accommodation costs so that leaders from poorer regions can attend and greatly benefit from our events.

Challenges ahead

worshipWhile we are doing the best we can to respond to requests for Derek’s books, to translate teaching tapes, videos and DVD’s in different languages and to facilitate DPM conferences across the region we are painfully aware that the need is great and our financial resources are sparse.

In any given month of the year our Saint Petersburg office receives on average 300 requests for Derek’s books and 50 requests for conference sponsorships.

Every time I travel across the region I meet with leaders of small churches who are working full-time because their congregations are unable to support them financially. They work long hours to earn a living and sacrificially dedicate the reminder of their time to serve their church. These leaders, prophets and evangelists desperately need good teaching and preaching materials but often can not afford to pay for them. My heart reaches out to these leaders and I want to do all I can to help them minister powerfully in Christ’s name.

In the Muslim Republics I see a church that is growing and resilient in the face of much persecution. I meet with young and old believers who meet in each others houses and who are hungry for good teaching and for God’s special anointing. And I want to invite many of the leaders of these house churches to our conferences so that they too can be refreshed and inspired by the teaching and fellowship of the body of Christ.

Sharing the vision

My vision is to provide every leader of every church in our region with a pack of Derek’s materials in order to equip them for ministry and mission. And I am aware that this task can not be accomplished in the short or medium term.

But we have to start somewhere. Our immediate ministry plans are to provide 5,000 leaders of small churches with a set of Derek’s teaching materials in their languages including: Foundations Series, Atonement,  Blessing or Curse, They Shall Expel Demons, War in Heaven, Exchange at the Cross, Release from the Curse, and a package of materials from when Derek himself ministered in Moscow.

In addition to this we are also seeking to provide opportunities for 500 strategic small church leaders from the poorer regions to attend for free one of our DPM teaching conferences in their area. This means covering their travel and accommodation costs and making it possible for them to attend.

In order to turn these plans into reality we need your financial support and your prayers.

  • A gift of £30 will ensure that a pastor or lay leader gets a set of DPM books and tapes in their language.
  • £45 will cover a pastor’s or lay leader’s travel and accommodation costs to attend a DPM conference in their region. 
  • £65 will help to sponsor a pastor or a lay   leader to attend a DPM conference and  provide a conference resource pack.
  • £120 will ensure that four church leaders   get much needed teaching materials to build healthy churches.

Together we have achieved a great deal over the last 16 years in equipping, training and encouraging believers in this part of the world and I trust we will continue to do so in 2006 and beyond. So please consider making a gift of £30 - £45 - £65 - £120 or whatever you can share towards our joint ministry in the former Soviet Union.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and to working together in releasing God’s people to effective ministry and mission.

For all you already do, please know that you have my heartfelt thanks.