Special Christmas Appeal

Thousands of new converts are leaving the church in China

Crowds listeningImagine sitting with a pastor of a house church in North East China, as I did recently. While talking to him about his ministry the phone rings. He picks up and starts talking to the person on the line. When the conversation is over he begins to tell you about the recent troubles in his church.

He has just heard that some converts have left the church to join a religious movement called 'Lightning From The East' founded by a lady from Henan who claims to have taken the place of Jesus. According to the followers of this movement Jesus failed on the Cross. This lady is now the real thing, a true spiritual leader Chinese people must follow.

Would you have believed such nonsense? Would you leave your church to follow a person who claims to have surpassed Christ?

Whether you are a new believer or a mature Christian the chances are that you would not fall prey to such a fallacy. If you have walked with the Lord for many years you would know how to refute such nonsense because you have been grounded in solid biblical teaching about Christ. If you are a new Christian there is no shortage of resources to help you to find out for yourself what the Bible says about Christ. 

But the fact is that new Chinese converts are leaving the church every day and are falling prey to fallacies that abound in their country. And the main reason for this exodus is that they do not have access to solid and life transforming Bible study materials and ministries to ground them in the Word of God.

Crowds worshippingThe exciting news is that every day over 20,000 Chinese people accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Chinese churches are very good at sharing the Gospel but they are struggling in the task of making disciples and they are asking for our help.

Chinese pastors desperately need foundational teaching materials, which DPM can provide in abundance, to put in the hands of Bible teachers and of lay leaders who are called to disciple new converts. Without these much needed resources the exodus of new converts who don't get opportunities to understand the truths about Christ is likely to continue.

But things don't have to be this way!

You and I can do something to reverse this situation. By making a generous gift of £30 or more you can help equip 20 Chinese leaders with the materials they need to disciple new converts. And I will ensure that your gift is used wisely in producing the resources needed and in their safe delivery to key leaders of various underground church networks.

Yes, I would like to help turn converts into disciples?

Responding to the calls for help of Chinese pastors we are looking to print and distribute basic Bible teaching materials including 100,000 Chinese Foundation Series, 500,000 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course and 50,000 copies of the Atonement book. These resources have proved to be vital teaching tools for many years and there is still a great need for them.

Listening to radioIn July 2005 I spoke to some leaders of one of the largest house churches in China, one that has over ten million members scattered across the country. It was encouraging to hear how they have used Derek Prince's Chinese books, from as early as the 1980s, as key tools for training their teachers and leaders, who in turn have helped hundreds of thousands of believers to stand firm in Jesus.

To date we have printed and distributed over five million of Derek's books in China, including more than one million copies of the Chinese Foundation Series alone. It's no wonder they have been richly helped by the books they have received because of the generous gifts from people like you.

Yet the battle to help new converts stand firm for Jesus continues. These leaders and many others are committed to helping as many of these new converts as possible progress into maturity in Jesus by teaching them the foundational principles of the Word of God. And they are asking us to stand with them through our financial gifts and prayers.

Now is the time to make a difference to thousands of lives in China!

In the first months of 2006 we have a window of opportunity to print and deliver 250,000 of these resources to church leaders who are eagerly waiting for them. And we need to act swiftly so that large quantities of materials are printed and sent out safely and not confiscated by the police.

Your special gift of £30 - £60 - £120 or whatever you can share will make possible the production and distributions of these resources. And what's more important it will enable hundreds of thousands of new believers to stand firm in the Word of God and to share about Christ with those still dwelling in the darkness.

So let's join forces to give Chinese believers the gift of God's Word this Christmas and to celebrate together the birth of our Saviour.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

With Christmas Greetings.
Ross Paterson
DPM China Outreach Director

PS As a token of our appreciation for your support, when you donate £60 or more you may receive a teaching CD of your choice from our resource list. To make your selection please visit www.dpmshop.org and then call us on 01462 492100 so we can arrange for this to be sent to you.