Spiritual hunger is a real issue affecting millions of Christians and thousands of pastors and Bible college students in Africa. Many believers in this vast continent live and witness for Christ in some of the world’s poorest countries ravaged by famine, drought, AIDS epidemics and civil wars.

They desperately need good Bible teaching resources to quench their spiritual hunger and to minister effectively to victims of brutal wars, AIDS epidemics, or those involved in witchcraft and ancestral worship.


Without our help, these brothers and sisters in Christ will continue to be spiritually hungry and unequipped for Christian service in their communities. But with a few books, tapes or CDs in their native language (DPM provides resources in over 17 African languages and in Portuguese and French) to open up the Scriptures to them, they can receive spiritual nourishment and also feed others.

Your gift today can help change a season of spiritual hunger, oppression and ignorance into a season of fruitfulness, release from spiritual bondage and renewed hope in Christ.



To: DPM friends and supporters in UK
From: Pastor Steven Sikhosana, Pretoria
Re: Help us to reach out to single mothers and youth
in our area

Dear Friend,

I am thankful to have benefited from Derek’s teaching through the Graduate Gift Pack I received at the Bible college. Now I lead a church in Pretoria and want to tell you about the obstacles I am facing and request your help.

Many people in my church are unemployed and poor. Intertwined with poverty are teenage pregnancy and the widespread HIV/AIDS pandemic, which have brought tears and suffering to nearly every home in our area.

Every day I come across young, unschooled, unemployed mothers who depend on government grants to make ends meet. Some have resorted to deliberately falling pregnant or pregnant again to receive more government money to feed their children. Tragically, some women are contracting HIV willingly in order to get a grant.






This situation is heartbreaking. We want to reach out to these young mothers, to offer them a new hope in Christ and teach them God’s Word on relationships and parenting. We can really do with some good Christian teaching on marriage and family life. Can you help?

Substance abuse is also prevalent in our locality, giving rise to organised crime and syndicates that use children or youth to carry out their dirty work. Young Christians around here have to make hard choices about following God or becoming thieves. They are lured into crime by older siblings or friends. As a pastor, I get alongside these youngsters, do Bible studies and pray with them so they can stay on track with God.

At times like this, your teaching materials, books and CDs come in very handy. Your latest pack containing the Foundations for Christian Living and Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose not only excited my young congregation but gave me inspiration, prophetic vision, courage and zeal to share God’s Word with single moms, AIDS victims and local youngsters.

I need your materials in Zulu now more than ever as our church is growing fast and new believers need to be rooted in the Word of God.

Please do not forget us.

Pastor Steven Sikhosana
Mountain of God International

To help pastors like Steven Sikhosana in Pretoria, we are looking to translate and print 10,000 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course in Zulu. And another 10,000 copies each of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose, The Divine Exchange and In Search of Truth.