Hello from an internet cafe in Addis Ababa where I have a quick opportunity to give an update of my trip here, to visit DPM contacts and projects in Ethiopia.

I had a great lunchtime meeting yesterday. At DPM for the last 5 years we have supported nearly 40 children (and 3 widows) through their education and provided food and other basics. All the children (ages from 5 through to 14) were invited to come and have a nice meal at the hotel, and they felt very special! Many of the children are orphans, having lost parents, mainly as Aids victims. It was the first time for some to have a plentiful meal like that.

The hotel staff were also touched to see poor kids being treated in this way.


There are about 4 million people in Addis and about 500,000 are believers. Derek's material is greatly appreciated here and is really in demand. We have printed 9 titles in Amharic, and have 2 more that are ready to print. I hope to be able to progress these projects during the rest of my stay here.


Neil Cornick, 24/04/2005