Reaching Out in Love to All Believers
in War-torn Israel

israel-flagDear Friend,

If you were a Christian living in Israel during these troubled times you might be asking yourself questions like: Does God still love His chosen people? What is His plan for Israel? How am I to witness to friends, family or neighbors through my prayers and actions?  

We believe that hundreds of Israeli Christians are wrestling with these questions right now and the good news is that you and I can do something to help and encourage them through the wealth of Derek’s solid biblical teaching on a wide of issues, including the place of Israel in God’s heart and among the nations of the world.

The fact of the matter is that here at Derek Prince Ministries we have a God-given vision for continuing to equip and strengthen God’s church in Israel. That is why we are writing to you today to share with you some exciting news from our joint ministry in this war-torn land and to invite you to reach out in love to believers in Israel through your prayers and financial gifts.


From Humble Beginnings

Derek Prince began his ministry in Israel in 1946 and spent much of the last two decades of his life there. He often said that God “planted” him in Israel during the last years of his life to be an example of God’s faithfulness—His faithfulness to Derek and His unending faithfulness to Israel.

One of the unique features of Derek’s teaching and ministry was his love and concern for Israel. Derek believed that God would fulfill every promise He had made to the household of Israel, and his heart’s desire was to see the Jewish people believe God for those same truths.  

Although over many years Derek wrote and taught vast Christian audiences around the world about the place of Israel in God’s plan and encouraging believers to love and pray for God’s chosen people, it wasn’t until 2003 that Derek Prince–Israel was established aiming to:  

  1. Translate Derek Prince’s books into Hebrew and disseminate them widely in Israel.
  2. Conduct seminars in Hebrew and other languages, if appropriate, on practical aspects of the believer’s life.
  3. Work with the leaders of a spiritual movement that is gaining ground among the young people of Israel.
  4. Gather like-minded believers for seasons of intense prayer and intercession for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in Israel.

Because of financial gifts from friends like you, a great deal has been achieved already in the last three years impacting hundreds of lives of church leaders, young believers and university students across Israel. This has come about through our website, conferences and prayer events. Here is just one comment that captures the essence of our joint ministry in Israel:

It would be almost impossible to measure the effect of Derek Prince’s ministry upon my life. Not long after my rebirth in the Spirit, I was listening on the web to Derek’s teaching series, “The Fear of the Lord.” What our fathers had failed to teach us, the Lord Himself is teaching us through Derek Prince. Praise God for Derek’s teaching legacy.   —Avivit Revah

Receiving such heartfelt thanks for providing resources and ministering to Christians in Israel encourages us to stay focused on the task of continuing to offer Derek’s life transforming Bible teaching.

And in order to do so we need $32,500 for printing and distributing over 3,000 books and 15,000 booklets. In addition to this we need $13,000 for producing and duplicating audio-visual resources. Our hope is that, as you read the stories of God at work in Israel, you will be inspired and motivated to join us in reaching these financial goals.

Equipping Church Leaders and Congregations

Jewish-manOne of the main tasks of Derek Prince–Israel is to make Derek’s books and DVDs available in the Hebrew language. The need for solid teaching in Israel is great, for the church here is young and has great spiritual needs. In this context, we see ourselves as providing resources to church leaders to help them grow Spirit-filled congregations.

To date, the Self-Study Bible Course, God's Remedy for Rejection, Our Debt to Israel and the Foundation Series have been made available to church leaders across the land. Pastors like Victor Blum and Brad Antolovich in Jerusalem, and many others, have been truly blessed by these books.

Another of Derek’s books, Shaping History Through Prayer, and Fasting is also available now and is proving to be a strategic tool for such a troubled time as this, reminding Christians in Israel and around the world that prayer is the key for bringing about God’s peace. Recently, copies of this book were delivered for free to the Glory of Zion International Ministries, headed by Rick Ridings.  

At present, we are celebrating the new release of About a City and a Mother, the Hebrew translation of Appointment in Jerusalem, which tells the compelling story of Lydia Prince!  This book will also be available in the secular market, and we are trusting God to see what He brings from this endeavor.

Furthermore, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose! and Atonement are in production and should be released before the end of the year. We are also providing Derek’s materials in Amharic for the large Israeli Ethiopian community.

Commenting on the impact of the ministry in Israel, Daniel and Leah Uzziah, staff members of Derek Prince–Israel said:

“Derek Prince–Israel focuses on highlighting for the Israeli church the unique and powerful aspects of Derek’s ministry—the Spirit-filled life, prayer and fasting, deliverance and healing. Thus, the ministry is helping fill a vast spiritual vacuum in this very young indigenous church. Derek’s great love for Israel, combined with his teachings about the Spirit-filled life in Christ, so evident in each of his works, inspire us as Israelis and encourage us to use his books in a practical way. We find Derek’s books are greatly relevant to both the times in which we live and the place of Israel at the end of time.”

booksMinistering to Russian Believers

Over 20 percent of Israel’s population is made up of people who returned from Russian exile to their homeland. In order to reach out to believers in Israel, we recently began working with Valeri Solin, Director of DPM–Russia, to produce DVDs of Derek’s teaching in Russian, English and Hebrew —the three most commonly spoken languages among Jewish people in Israel today.

Through Valeri, God has also enabled us to minister to Russian pastors and believers. It is a privilege for us to offer over 22 resources to Russian pastors and also to meet with and encourage them. One example of a church that has benefited from these resources is Ariel and Talia Klimer’s congregation in Afula, where the rockets are landing these days. They already received 20 titles of Russian books and 20 titles of English books and have been greatly blessed and encouraged by them.

Our aim is to continue resourcing the Russian churches to in Israel and fellowship and pray with their leaders.

Raising Awareness and Prayer Support for Israel

Hundreds of tour groups visit Israel every year, and thanks to your generosity we now have the opportunity to give a copy of Derek’s booklet, Our Debt to Israel, to every English-speaking believer on select tours.

So far, we’ve given away over 30,000 copies! This booklet is a great tool for sharing with the church worldwide about God’s purposes and heart for the Jewish people.

In the coming months we are aiming to print another 15,000 copies of this booklet for distribution in 2007.

Impacting Lives at the Feast of Tabernacles

People from over 70 nations will gather in Jerusalem for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem’s annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration (Sukkot) on October 7–13, 2006.

For the fourth year running we will have an exhibition booth at the Feast which will enable us to offer Derek’s materials to thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Last year we saw an influx of young adults from ages 20–35! We were thrilled to see their amazing hunger for sound Bible teaching and their delight in taking Derek’s books back to their nations, even though some had never heard of him before!

Often, many of the thousands who attend also inquire about Derek’s teaching in their native languages. This annual event, therefore, allows us to become a resource for DPM worldwide.

Furthermore, we also supply Derek Prince books at both Torch bookstore in Jerusalem, Emmanuel Bookstore in Jerusalem, and Dugit Books in Tel Aviv.

Equipping Leaders and Israeli Youth

Providing translated materials for believers here is only one facet of  Derek Prince–Israel. As our ministry here expands and grows, Israeli spiritual leaders are increasingly inviting us to share and minister on Derek’s life-changing principles, not only to themselves, but to their congregations.

There are also many groups of believing students meeting in different universities throughout Israel. It is such an encouragement for us to provide Derek’s materials for them as well.

We are blessed and thankful to God for His special grace and freedom to do His work here. And we would like to invite you to continue to pray for Israel and to make a contribution towards our joint ministry here.

Your generous gift today of $100, $60, $30 or whatever you can share, will ensure that Derek’s teaching legacy will be made available to more and more people in the land he so dearly loved and for whom he prayed for so many years.

George-BettyWe have enclosed a reply card and an envelope in the hope of hearing from you soon.

Thank you for all you do to shine the light of His Word on the path that lies before the Jewish people.

With warn Christian greetings

George and Betty Jackson, Directors
Derek Prince–Israel

You can play a vital role in ministering to Israeli believers, including pastors and leaders, through your gift of support for the following projects for Derek Prince–Israel.

Completion of three titles (translation, printing and distribution):
$10,000: 1,000 copies of Atonement @ $10 each
$10,000: 1,000 copies of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose @ $10 each

$5,000: 1,000 copies of God’s Plan for Your Money @ $5 each

$7,500: Printing of 15,000 copies of Our Debt to Israel for visitors to Israel @ only 50 cents each

Audio and video resources
$3,000: Video projector for ministry presentations

$10,000: Audio/Video Duplication
In summary, we are looking to raise $32,500 for translating, printing and distributing DPM books and an additional $13,000 for providing audio-visual resources.