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First time ever, Taliban appearance in Karachi

Tension gripped Karachi and the rest of the Christian community around Pakistan after this first ever incident - an attack of a heavily armed group claiming to be Pakistani Taliban, on the Churches and Christian colony of Taiser Town in Karachi.

Christian residents of Taiser Town awoke on Wednesday morning to discover the slogans, “Taliban Zindabad” (Long-Live the Taliban) and “Al-Qaeda Zindabad” (Long Live Al-Qaeda), which are thought to be have been posted by some unidentified people, on the walls of different churches in their town located in the port city of Karachi.

Pak Taliban forcefully entered in the Church and the surrounding Christian Colony of Taiser Town. Suspected militants also forced their entry into a church in the area and “Desecrated Bibles.”

The heavily armed group warned people that they will come back to collect “Jazia” which is an Islamic tax for the minorities. They also announced that people should accept Islam or they will be killed.

The firing broke out between law enforcement agencies’ officials and militants at 11:30 am Pakistan time on Wednesday. After the incident and the Taliban had disappeared, the police opened fire on protesting Christians instead of protecting them. The injured were taken to hospital in Karachi. The houses of Christians in the Taseer Town have also been burned. Could not ascertain what caused fire. The police “manhandled protesting Christian men and women,” adding that the police removed the Christian women from the protest site by “pulling them by their hair.”

One of the injured, Imran Masih, received a bullet to his head and was rushed to the hospital where he died.” The other injured Christian men were released from the hospital after receiving first aid.

Recent attacks on Christians and churches by Islamists came about three months ago when two churches in Karachi were attacked on New Year’s Eve.

The incident has sparked FEAR and uncertainty among the Christian residents of Karachi. The tense situation has prompted several Christians to flee their homes from the tension areas.

Rumors are that the Christian leaders are on their hit list. Please pray with us and share it with friends to raise more prayer support in this desperate situation. We need your prayers in this time of trouble. We shall be thankful to you. Will you stand with us?

DPM Pakistan April 09