Ethiopian orphans and widows

Yemane and Rahel Endale are church leaders in Addis Ababa. Rahel also worked in a school and became aware of many children who suddenly stopped attending school. Most commonly the reason for this was that the children had been orphaned, having lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. As education is not free, the children could no longer afford to attend school, and even had to try and become breadwinners themselves, to support younger family members.

Yemane and Rahel started to help some of the most needy children from their own resources, then in 2001
DPM began to partner in this work by paying for the school fees and equipment for 37 children. The number of children supported in their education remains at about 40 each year. Additionally we provide food each month for a number of widows who are in extreme poverty.

Our desire is to continue to make a difference in the lives of these orphans and widows. You also can partner with us to bring hope to the victims of HIV/AIDS.

Staff member, Peter Lindop, is running the London Marathon in April 2009 for this worthy cause. Click here to find out more.