These have been the objectives of our DPM outreach in the Middle East for over 20 years.

Through our ministry of producing and distributing Derek Prince’s books and audio/video messages in Arabic, we equip leaders, encourage believers and strengthen local churches.

It is a big job, but we have help. You.

When you make a gift to our DPM outreach in the Middle East, you help provide life-changing Bible teaching to Muslim seekers and Christians from all walks of life. Teaching and insights they couldn’t access otherwise.


photoYou probably have never heard of the village of Dir El Garnous (upper Egypt), but last May something amazing happened there. A team of Egyptian Christians hosted an evangelism camp attended by over 2,000 locals. At this event, they gave away 4,000 copies of the books Complete Salvation, The Divine Exchange and Extravagant Love.

You see, in this village of over 10,000 people, only 4 or 5 families have TV sets. A few more families have radios. And that’s it. But most of these people can read. And they are eager to read a book when they can get their hands on one!

So, for several days before the camp, the teams visited as many houses as they could in this village, taking one of Derek’s books to each home they went to.

downloadThe result? Well, here is the moving story of a young boy called Malek. He is 12 years old and very proud that he goes to school. He looked so happy when he received a handful of our booklets.

“Thank you,” he said. “I promise I’ll read them to my parents and neighbours. Next time when you come, give me some more and I will keep reading them to everyone who wants to hear them. In this way I am serving the Lord.”