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Yemi is a Ghanaian pastor, an itinerant preacher and the presenter of the Fourth Dimension on Revelation TV. His vision is to see believers grow spiritually and to encourage pastors to teach about the values of God’s Kingdom not simply the benefits of being a Christian.

Derek Prince’s ministry has been a source of encouragement for Yemi. Recently we interviewed him to find out how he has been impacted by Derek’s teachings and why he recommends Derek’s materials to believers here and in West Africa.

When did you first come across Derek Prince’s teaching?

When I became a Christian in the early 1990s, my wife and I worshipped at Kensington Temple and Derek came to preach there. We were deeply moved by his teaching. So we ordered his videotapes and books and really enjoyed them.

The book that really impacted us most is Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose! For years now, my wife and I keep giving it out to acquaintances, friends or family members. We have seen people come to faith after reading this book, giving their lives to Christ and joining local churches.

The Foundations Series is another of Derek’s book I use a lot and give away to new pastors in Ghana as a useful tool for grounding new believers in the Word of God. I rely on Derek’s teaching because I believe his Bible insights are sound and balanced.

In what ways has Derek’s teaching impacted your spiritual journey?

I remember when, as a new Christian, I met some Mormons who told me that Joseph Smith was appointed by God to start a ‘new’ church because the church that God built on ‘Saint Peter - the rock’ (Matthew 16:13-18) had misbehaved. I was not convinced by their arguments but, at that time I did not know how to respond.


Reading the Foundations Series I discovered answers to many questions about God and Christian faith, even to the one about the foundation of the church. Derek’s insights on the meaning of the Greek words for Peter (petros) and the rock (petra), upon which the church will be built, helped me understand that the one sure foundation for God’s church is His Son, Jesus Christ, not one individual or another.

You said earlier that you give away copies of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose!, why?

Sometimes, when you start talking to people about God they switch off. But if you ask them whether they like to read and most will say that they do, then giving them a book that might change their life can be a great outreach tool. And, I believe that Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose! is the kind of book that can change a person’s life. It helps them to encounter the living God, identify the curses that hinder His work in their lives and shows them how to be released from curses into God’s blessing.

Just recently, my wife who has a beauty salon in Surrey, gave Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose! to one of her clients, a non-believer. A few days later this lady came back to the salon saying: ‘I have discovered I am in trouble. I have statues of Buddha all over my house and I have been worshipping false gods. I want to become a Christian. I am ready.’

After a conversation I told her that actually, she wasn’t ready yet. She had a boyfriend living with her. And if she was to accept Christ but not change her lifestyle, then Satan would still have a stronghold in her life. She went away to think about her situation and came back a week later saying that the boyfriend had moved out. She asked him to think about marriage because living together was not an option any more. Having given her life to Christ, this lady and her children are now attending one of the local churches in Surrey and it is a real joy to watch her grow in her faith.

I believe many people are searching for God but they don’t know how or where to find Him and sometimes past sins or generational curses are holding them captive. Our responsibility is to help them find God. So by praying for them, talking to them about our faith and giving them powerful books to read, we can show them God. And once they turn to Him, encourage them to join local churches and be part of the Kingdom family.

In what ways can DPM continue to help pastors like you to equip congregations and do mission?

DPM has a rich legacy of resources that are much needed here and in other parts of the world. Every Bible college should have copies of Derek’s books and DVDs, to help those training for ministry come to grips with issues of spiritual warfare, healing, curses and the release of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives. If students are fed with a plain diet of theological food then they will be unable to minister and reach out to those who are hurting, suffering or struggling in today’s world.

Also, I would like to see more DPM resources in the hands of pastors and believers in Ghana, Liberia, the Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. Christians in these nations of Western Africa are crying out for books to help them set people free from the influences of witchcraft and the occult.


writingDPM has so much to offer and my prayer is that God will give its staff members and DPM supporters the boldness and determination to continue this wonderful ministry of offering life-transforming Bible teaching to all believers.