How far would you go to help raise funds for DPM’s Outreaches? – Well, this year a small team of DPM staff and some of their friends are prepared to swim across the English Channel to raise money for this vital part of our ministry. 
In July 2010 a team of six will attempt to do a relay swim from Dover to Cap Gris Nez, a distance of about 35kms. Three DPM-UK staff members, Karen Herget, Julie Gray and Peter Lindop together with friends, Jo Kelly, Craig Bransby and Rob Rayward (not pictured) will be taking part in this unique swimming challenge across the Channel in 16C water.

They will all join the boat in Dover and go round to Shakespeare Beach for the start. The first swimmer will swim to shore and then start the first hour long leg. After each hour, the swimmer climbs out for 5 hours break on the boat while the next one climbs in for their leg of the journey. The swimmers rotate in the same order until they reach the French coast.

“By the time we get to swim the channel, we will have swum the distance numerous times in training,” said Karen. “Our swimming team has been training for about two years although the intensity of the training will steadily increase in these last few months. We have been grateful for help from a keen supporter and coach, Audrey.”

It is impossible to say how long it will take, but everyone is likely to swim twice and some will probably swim 3 times so, somewhere between 12-18 hours.

Commenting on the purpose of this swimming challenge Peter who is the Deputy UK Director said: “We are doing this because we believe in what DPM has to offer to churches and Christians worldwide by way of Bible teaching and discipleship resources.”

swimmer“We want to raise £25,000 for DPM’s Outreaches so that we can respond quickly and effectively to rising demands for Derek’s teaching in different parts of the world.”

“At a personal level,” continued Peter “it is very much a character building process and has the added benefits of improved health and fitness.”

There are numerous challenges in swimming the English Channel, the busiest shipping lane in the world. One of them is swimming for an hour in cold water. Another one is simply keeping going for an hour in water that is constantly moving and tides that will shift us about 7 miles sideways in every tide cycle. The likelihood of swimming in the dark is also a challenge and the team can do little to prepare for that.

But, they are determined to persevere in the pursuit of crossing the Channel and we hope that you will partner with them as they seek to meet the £25,000 fundraising goal.

This money will be used to translate Derek’s teaching in new languages, to purchase much needed equipment for producing CDs and DVDs in parts of the developing world or to launch new websites with discipleship resources in new languages.

A donation of £25 can pay for two hours of quality translation work in the Middle East, while a donation of £50 can enable us to reprint and distribute 30 books in a former Soviet Republic and a donation of £150 can provide the seed funding for launching a new foreign language website.
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