Keeping DPM in Prayer

July 14th - July 20th


July 14—Germany

There are several cooperative events coming up in the next few months with ministries connected to DPM here in Germany. Pray that many new people will be introduced to Derek's teaching material through these gatherings.


July 15—Bulgaria

  • Pray for the successful printing of the new book, Longing for His Appearing.
  • Pray for this teaching to have a great impact on the Body of Christ in Bulgaria, especially that it would move people to obey biblical requirements.


July 16—Hungary

  • After contacts were made with new church leaders and prayer groups, a conference was scheduled for August on the theme of Derek's book, Why Bad Things Happen to God's People. Pray for final preparations, all the volunteers, those teaching, needed finances and for many hungry and responsive believers to attend.
  • We have successfully completed two books: Entering God´s Presence and a reprint of The Power of Proclamation. The translations of four new books have been completed as well. Pray for these books to impact individual lives and the nation as a whole.


July 17—Netherlands

  • New ways are being worked on to further improve and upgrade the Dutch office online courses with interactive elements. Pray for wisdom to make the best use of the possibilities and that these improvements will help people to understand and apply Derek’s teaching.


July 18—Slovakia

  • Pray for more volunteers to help introduce Derek´s teaching to more churches. In the first week of August, the largest gathering of Christian youth in Slovakia called CAMPFEST will take place, with up to 5,000 expected. Pray that many young people will receive Derek’s material.
  • Pray for clear guidance from the Lord for the right steps to take to move forward with The Bible Correspondence Course material, which will be used by gypsy pastors to teach new believers.


India Subcontinent


July 19—Sri Lanka

DPM–India Directors, Elsie and Danny, are returning to Sri Lanka from August 18–21. This will be their first visit after the horrific Resurrection Day bombings at churches there. Pray:
  • that the Lord will open the right doors for them to minister the healing touch of Christ. 
  • that they will be able to instil confidence, strength and hope where there is fear.
  • for God’s comfort for those who have lost loved ones and healing for those injured.
  • for an end to the persecution of Christians here and that the nation will unite.
Outreach Report Sri Lanka- Testimony
“God bless you. You have given abundantly. I’m giving these books to some Tamil and Sinhala-speaking pastors of Revival Fire Global Ministry, a deliverance ministry. They will find these books a great blessing.  I’ve been Christian for 18 years and baptised, but I never knew I needed deliverance until 2017. I’ve been delivered from a big generational curse and some demonic powers. I have many questions and Derek’s teachings are spot on. God sees your faithful ministry and He shall bless you. Thank you most humbly for everything.”



July 20—United States/Hispanic Outreach 

  • Six Spanish audio books are ready, with more to be done. Pray for this teaching to impact many.
  • Continue to pray for the Lord’s wisdom and encouragement for the translators and those voicing Derek’s teaching into Spanish.
  • Pray for increased awareness and use of the DPM Spanish website, App, and Social Media.



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