Keeping DPM in Prayer


June 13th - 19th

June 13 - Slovenia
• Pray that God will open more doors for Tadej and Luka to distribute Derek’s books.
• Pray for wisdom, good time management and successful translation of the Life-Changing Spiritual Power book.
• Pray for provision and restoration of health and strength for our translator Alexandra.
June 14 - Spain
• In Torrevieja, Spain, there is a large Russian speaking diaspora. There are also several Russian churches, however, they are not in unity. Pray for God’s guidance and understanding of His will to serve in this city for these Russian speakers.
June 15 - Romania
• Pray for protection, wisdom, creativity, and anointing for Fanel and Monica in expanding the work of DPM in Romania and also for their pastoral ministry.
June 16 - France
• Continue to pray for the Pular translation project, which had some setbacks due to the pandemic and political unrest in west Africa.
• Many teaching resources are given to people free of charge. Pray that those who can will give back and support us financially.
• Continue to pray for Michaël, Director René’s son, who joined our team in January, and the other staff, to work with the Lord’s anointing and motivation.
June 17 - Norway
• Today, DPM–Norway celebrates 20 years of ministry! Pray for our outreach plans to cultivate new friends, customers and partners in our region and to build a good and helpful relationship with all those connected with us.
• Pray for Derek’s Bible teaching to be used effectively among pastors and lay people in the north of Norway.
June 18 - Serbia
• Pray for good health and strength for Serbian translators Vesna and Tamara to cope with the workload in their secular jobs and with translating new books by Derek.
• Pray for God’s guidance, wisdom and favor with church leaders as we introduce them to Derek’s teaching.
June 19 - Poland
• Pray that God will open up new opportunities and provide new skilled graphic designers, translators and other co-workers. Volunteers are also needed to help with the increasing workload.
• Pray for acceptance of Derek’s teaching among Polish believers, especially pastors and ministers, who are God’s key tools in the spiritual growth of believers.



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