Keeping DPM in Prayer

September 15th - September 21st


September 15—Bulgaria

  • Pray for the new booklet Why Israel? to help Christians understand their responsibility to pray for Israel.
  • Pray for the new book Receiving God’s Promises to have a great impact on the Bulgarian Church.


September 16—Czech Republic

  • Pray that the reprinted book Appointment in Jerusalem will touch the hearts of many unbelievers.
  • Pray for Christian youth to be motivated to share the Gospel with other young people in a non-religious, authentic way.


September 17—Greece

  • Pray for Christian refugees in Athens who visit the International Christian Consulate (ICC) to meet other Christians for Bible study and prayer in a safe environment. The refugees fled persecution in the Middle East, but they still face it in the refugee camps. The ICC uses Derek's materials for Bible studies and carry it in their library. Pray the refugees will be encouraged and comforted.
Greece – Testimony (Watch Misra’s story on
  • Misra is a refugee from Iran who lives in a refugee camp in Athens. She has been attending Bible classes in the International Christian Consulate that helps Christian refugees and uses Derek’s books. Misra said, "These studies helped me a lot. The teaching calls us to act according to God's Word. Derek's book, Declaring God's Word, was also very useful. I tried to read it every day. It has helped me to forgive. Through this teaching, God took a lot of worries from me. In Iran, I used to have a lot of material blessings, but here I found things I never had—His peace and Christian brothers and sisters. I thank God these books are available."


September 18—Romania

  • Cooperation began the end of 2018 with a well-known Christian ministry here that was interested in Derek Prince Legacy Radio. Pray for successful translation of 140 audio teachings. The first three series are now available in Romanian and can be downloaded on the internet.
  •  Pray that many Romanian believers will be reached and equipped with Derek’s material..


September 19—United Kingdom

  • Pray for graphic designer, Ronna, to work with the Lord’s anointing. She helps make all of Derek's foreign language books widely available in Europe, working with materials in many different languages, which can be difficult.
  • Pray for all of the U.K. team as they oversee the work of DPM in Great Britain and across the Middle East  They need the Lord’s wisdom and insight for all they do.



New Zealand

  • Pray for inspiration for the team as they seek ways to reach the 20-40-year-old age group with Derek’s teaching material.
Praise & Thanksgiving – New Zealand
  • We praise God for the very successful DPM–Asia/Pacific regional conference held in July in Christchurch. Outreach Office Directors from the India Sub-Continent and several SE Asian nations attended. Everyone was greatly blessed and encouraged. 


September 21—Australia

  • Pray for more connections with prison chaplains and expansion of the prison ministry.
  • Pray for inmates who are receiving Derek’s teaching material to grow in their walk with the Lord.



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