Keeping DPM in Prayer

November 11th - November 17th



November 11—Nepal

  • Pray that the large amount of Nepali book reprinting now taking place will go smoothly and that Derek’s teaching will continue to be a great blessing to many thousands of Nepalese people.
  • Pray for God’s protection over DPM Director, Gopaljee, his family and his book distributors, now that new anti-conversion laws have been implemented.
“I have been greatly blessed by Derek’s books. I have read about 50 and each one has blessed me. I am teaching about the Holy Spirit among the 30 churches in my area and will provide them with Derek’s books. After I read They Shall Expel Demons, seven people were delivered. People here are amazed by the power of God.” 


November 12—Ukraine

  • Many people in this region are looking for a way to connect with God. Others are disappointed in life and seeking a solid foundation for their faith. Pray for churches, pastors and other leaders to increasingly use Derek’s material for ministry as well as their own equipping and encouragement. 
  • Pray for peace in Ukraine and the upcoming presidential election in early 2019 as it will affect the course of Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Russia.


November 13—China

Reports from China continue to speak of increasing clampdowns on churches. One public notice stated that Communist Party doctrine is superior to religious teaching of any kind. Pray that the faithful DPM team inside China will be kept safe and prosper as they distribute Derek’s teaching across China.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
A team member recently met in China with the three (central) main printers and distributors of Derek’s material. We thank God for their enthusiasm. Almost 35 years of ministry and still going strong, with high demand.


November 14—Baltic Region

  • Pray for God’s guidance in developing DPM in the Baltic countries and for which of Derek’s books to translate and provide for the Russian-speaking people in Europe.
  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance in bringing more awareness of the Bible Correspondence School.


November 15—Central/South America

  • Pray for more opportunities for the U.S. office to share Derek’s teaching with pastors, leaders and others in Central and South America.
  • Pray for many more Hispanics to find and use the resources on the Spanish website and app.


November 16—Canada

  • Pray for Director, Bob Yeo, and the board to know the Lord’s direction in moving forward to extend the ministry of DPM in Canada.
  • Pray for connection to the right individuals and ministries to help support the Canada office and share Derek’s teaching material.


November 17—Lesotho

A pastor in Lesotho who planted a church and started a Bible school has often been approached about teaching on radio, but his focus has been on firmly establishing his church. He was pleased, however, to learn that Derek’s teaching is available for broadcasting. Airing Derek’s radio programs in Lesotho has been a matter of prayer for years, as it is the only effective way to reach the entire nation. Pray this will come about if this pastor is the key contact for this to happen.



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