Soon after Inside Outreach bean in 1995, prison chaplains began requesting resources, usually recommended to them by inmates. To date we have equipped over 50 chaplaincy libraries with the entire selection of resources and we regularly receive new requests.


Foreign Resources

With increasing numbers of foreign nationals in our prisons and immigration removal centres, we have been able to fulfill a need in providing solid Christian teaching in many of the 80 foreign languages we have. On occasions we've been able to send books to inmates who cannot communicate without an interpreter. These are always gratefully received.  If you'd like to view a list of the foreign languages in which we have titles available, please click here.

Comments from Chaplains

One chaplain contacted us to say that an inmate had been so impacted by a particular set of CD's that she would like six sets, one for each of her weekly Bible study group. We were pleased to be able to supply these together with work sheets and subsequently present each group member with a certificate of completion when they had finished their studies.

Recently we have helped another chaplain set up a faith library that men will be able to freely access.

A third chaplain requested books for an Arabic speaking young man who had just been released within the community, he had experienced a real encounter with God in prison and was hungry for more. We were able to provide him with books in his mother tongue from our vast range of foreign materials.


Please  click here to read some of the feedback we've received from prison chaplains in the last year.


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Yvonne Wood, 25/08/2008