Dear Friend,

     Are you hesitant to reach out to others? Does embarrassment or shyness keep you from sharing God’s truth with the people around you? Would you be willing to speak up as God leads?

     You may not believe it, but God has placed a rich deposit in you. Over the years you have walked with Him, the Word of God has been building up inside you. With so much uncertainty in modern times, there are multitudes who are hungry for a word of genuine truth and encouragement. In fact, many of the people right around you are hoping to hear the Word you carry.

Keeping it Simple

     Recently, my wife, Cindi, and I were having dinner with a dear couple who are close friends and partners of DPM. When the food came to the table, the four of us took a moment to say grace. Within minutes, a server from another part of the restaurant came to our table. “It really touched me to see you guys pray like that. You made my night!”

     We thanked her for her kind remarks. Later, as we were preparing to leave, I sensed that I ought to find this server and say something more to her. That impulse is not normal or natural for me—way outside my comfort zone. But I wanted to be obedient.

     I located the server as she came out of the kitchen, asked her name, and thanked her for her remark about our saying grace. Then I simply said, “Jenny [not her real name], would you like me to pray for you?” She said, “Please do!” As I prayed, I incorporated the Lord’s promise from Jeremiah 29:11 (NAS) into my prayer: “For I know the plans that I have for you—plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”

     When I finished the short prayer, Jenny thanked me again and again. I gave her my card and invited her to call me if she wished. That was it. Short, simple, and very natural.

No Gimmicks

     I don’t know whether Jenny will call or not. But I know this encounter was a God-given opportunity to pray for her, share a bit of the Word that I carry, and express the love of Jesus. It was spontaneous and natural—very different from some of the “methods” many of us have encountered over the years.

     In my early days as a Christian, I ran into one fellow whose gimmick for “witnessing” was to search out people in theaters who had a vacant seat beside them. Here was the line: “Excuse me, is that seat saved? ARE YOU?”

     Over the years, I have seen other methods for “sharing the Word” that seem contrived and even insensitive to the needs of the person on the receiving end. As a result, I have tried to be extra sensitive to the leading of the Lord, sharing at His direction, and only in a way that is considerate of the person with whom I am speaking. Many times, it will be a prophetic word, sometimes expressed in very normal language.

     Truly, you and I do carry the Word in us, and it is our job to share it—but always at the prompting of the Holy Spirit and in the most helpful way possible.

The Word with Us

     My thoughts on the Word we carry were affirmed in an Old Testament story I have been studying. It is an account in the third chapter of 2 Kings of three kings banding together to fight against the Moabites. They soon end up lost in the desert—stranded, without water.

     One king bemoaned the fact that they would surely perish. But Jehoshaphat, the most upright ruler of the three, knew they needed supernatural help. He asked if there might be a prophet anywhere in the vicinity. When someone informed him that Elisha was close by, he proclaimed, somewhat prophetically: “The Word of the LORD is with him.”

     Jehoshaphat was right. Elisha carried the prophetic word that was not only their solution but the key to their victory in battle. The Word of the Lord was indeed with him!

     Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you and I were identified in that way? “The Word of the Lord is with that one!” We may think that improbable, but actually, it is the truth. Our times of Bible study, absorbing the Word and learning God’s ways, have not been in vain. His truths, nuggets to be shared at the prompting of the Spirit of God, are the Word we carry!

In Season and Out of Season

     Being ready at the right moment to bring the Word we carry is why Paul’s words to Timothy are so compelling—the passage where he urges Timothy to be ready “in season and out of season” to share the Word of God (2 Timothy 4:2). Even more compelling is the story in Mark 11 about Jesus and the fig tree.

     Coming out of Bethany, Jesus was hungry. In the distance, He saw a fig tree and went to it, searching through its leaves for some fruit to eat. But He found nothing but leaves. It is interesting that Scripture specifically tells us that “…it was not the season for figs” (v. 13). Nonetheless, Jesus was expecting to find fruit there. Why? Because He needed it right then—even though it wasn’t the season for fruit to be present.

     It is the same for you and me. When the Lord needs us to share His Word, will we be ready to bring it—in season and out of season? It may be a word of encouragement, or a declaration of strategic prophetic direction for someone, or just a needed word of comfort or appreciation and thanks. You and I can always be ready with the Word we carry.

A Word in Due Season

     Derek Prince shared about this matter of a word in due season in his teaching on the subject of prophetic ministry: “The Gift of Prophecy.” In this message, he focused on the power that can be released when we deliver a word from the Lord at His appointed time.
     Prophecy can give a word in season to a person who is weary. Let’s look at two very beautiful Scriptures that confirm this.

     The first is Proverbs 15:23: “A man has joy by the answer of his mouth [that’s a wonderful statement], and a word spoken in due season [in its time], how good it is!”

     Then, in Isaiah 50, we have a prophetic picture of Jesus—one of the most beautiful given in the Old Testament. Verse 4 is what Jesus Himself says prophetically through Isaiah: “The Lord God has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary….”

     To me, that is a good mark of learning: being able to speak a word in season to someone who is weary. A lot of people I know who are educated are not learned—they certainly can’t do that. In fact, most educated people tend to be somewhat discouraging, I find. They look down on you, tend to criticize you, and make you feel inferior. They are so knowledgeable about everything that they know just how bad it is—and how it’s only going to get worse.

     Well, the Holy Spirit isn’t like that. Through Jesus, He gave this precious ability to speak a word in season to him who is weary.

Making the Commitment

     From what we have discussed so far, and what Derek shared in his teaching, do you sense a longing to bring the Word you carry to someone who needs it? Are you seeking a greater release and freedom to speak His Word at the prompting of His Spirit?

     I think it may be time to tell the Lord you are willing to speak forth the Word you carry. If that is your desire, let’s make a commitment together through the prayer that follows.
     Lord, I know that I carry Your Word with me and in me. I sense its weight and presence deep in my spirit. I know I carry it, and I want to use it for Your glory. My prayer is that from this moment onward, You will give me a greater boldness and courage. Release me and empower me, Lord, to speak forth Your truth in a way that brings life, joy, and hope to someone who needs it.

     I confess that I have a lot of reservations about speaking out what You have given me. I feel inadequate and inarticulate. I don’t want to embarrass myself, and I also don’t want to speak in a way that would not represent You properly. Even more, I especially don’t want to cause pain or frustration to anyone by not presenting Your truth effectively.

     In spite of these reservations, I trust You—and I commit myself to You, Lord. As You direct me by Your Holy Spirit, I will deliver the Word I carry. As You present me with opportunities to give to others what You have given to me, I will take the step, open my mouth, and speak out simply and plainly in Your name.

     Please glorify Your name through all that I say, dear Lord. Amen.

Building the Reservoir

     What you have just prayed is truly a courageous step, and we commend you for taking it. In the days ahead, you may be astonished at the opportunities the Lord brings to you. He may open some new doors for you now that you have committed yourself in this way.

      We hope you will allow us to assist in this process. One of the ways to increase your reservoir of His Word is to open your heart to solid scriptural teaching. That’s where we come in. One of our primary goals at Derek Prince Ministries is to get helpful materials into the hands of people who have made the kind of commitment you just made.

     As you take steps to learn and impart the Word of God, we are here for you. Please take advantage of the excellent teaching resources we can provide. The first item you can receive is the full teaching of “The Gift of Prophecy,” the message from which we took Derek’s earlier quote. This teaching will be a great help to you, and we are glad to offer it to you free of charge. Just use the download link below.

     As you stay in touch with us, we will experience His blessing together. You have already been a great part of that blessing—through your prayers for us and your financial contributions. Thank you for standing with us in such a strong and generous way.

The Miraculous Transfer

     Deep in your heart, you have settled a matter that is very important for your ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. You have affirmed your belief that there is a deep and rich reservoir of God’s Word stored up in your heart—and you have expressed your desire to share it. The biggest question we face has always been the same: “How will I know the right moment to transfer the Word I carry from my heart to the people who need it?”

     You and I just took the first important step—deciding not to hold back any longer out of embarrassment, shyness, or lack of qualifications. We have settled that issue today with our prayer of commitment.

     What might happen when we put our desire into action? How many people who have never experienced the truth and love of Jesus Christ may now have the opportunity to hear, receive, and believe? What miracles of God’s transforming power might you see very soon? All because of your willingness to step out boldly and share the Word you carry.
All the best,

Dick Leggatt
Board Member, DPM–Canada

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