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DPM Store > CDs > Fullness of the Cross, The - Volume 1

Fullness of the Cross, The - Volume 1

(CD) Product code: CDFC1
Six CD Audio Series
• A Personal Revelation
• The Exchange Introduced
• The Exchange Personalized - Part 1
• The Exchange Personalized - Part 2
• Salvation Is All-Inclusive
• How to Enter In
Price now: CAD$35.00
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Your calling will determine your placement, your placement will release your special gifts.
Price now: CAD$15.00
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As signs and wonders increasingly occur within the church, we need to be able to discern between those which are biblical and those which aren't.
Price now: CAD$18.00
We have an enemy that takes us seriously, so we should take our enemy seriously. In this insightful message, Derek Prince explains the nature and activity of spiritual warfare.
Price now: CAD$7.00