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DPM Store > CDs > Atonement - Volumes 1 & 2

Atonement - Volumes 1 & 2

(CD) Product code: CDATNB

These messages unfold 14 main aspects of this sacrifice and four steps by which to appropriate its provisions. (2 Volumes, 10 CDs)


Ten CD Series:

  • One All-Sufficient Sacrifice / Perfected Forever
  • A Divinely Ordained Exchange / Forgiveness and Healing
  • Sin vs. Righteousness / Death vs. Life
  • Curse vs. Blessing / Release from Curses
  • Poverty vs. Abundance / Shame vs. Glory
  • Rejection vs. Acceptance / Old Man vs. New Man
  • Deliverance from this Present Age / Deliverance from Law and Self
  • Deliverance from the Flesh / Deliverance from the World
  • From Legal to Experiential / All-Inclusive Salvation
  • Four Decisive Steps / Liberation through Confession
Price now: CAD$55.00
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The relationship between a father and his child is unlike any other. (3 CD series)
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(Radio message) God's promises are our inheritance, with many rich and wonderful areas waiting for us to possess.
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This series explains the means of our deliverance from the poverty curse and the purpose for which God provides abundance.
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