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DPM Store > MP3s > Release from the Curse

Release from the Curse

(MP3) Product code: MPTS008

Two-Part MP3 Series
Are you frustrated? Bewildered? Defeated? Never fully satisfied? You can pass from the dark shadow of a curse into the sunlight of God's blessing!
• Release from the Curse - Part 1
• Release from the Curse - Part 2  

Price now: CAD$5.50
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1 4285 Release from the Curse pt1
(MP3 / 27.46 MB)
2 4286 Release from the Curse pt2
(MP3 / 27.47 MB)
The calling to intercession is one of the highest and most powerful ministries open to any believer. It requires boldness and conviction. The intercessor comes "in between" God and the object of His just wrath, to beseech the Lord for His grace and mercy instead. Will you be one who will answer this call? Often, all God requires is one willing soul. Will it be you? (4.25 x 7 in., 64 pgs.)
Price now: CAD$3.00
Why is there spiritual warfare? Who is fighting whom? Which side are we on? Learn how to wage spiritual warfare.
Price now: CAD$3.00
Many people experience continual frustration in areas such as marriage, health or finance, yet never discern the underlying cause: a curse. This series reveals both cause and cure. (Three-part series)
Price now: CAD$7.50